Monday, 4 April 2011

And now, for some blacksmithing.

So if you guys have read up about me on my profile, you'll have seen that I'm into (medieval) armour.

Here's some pics of my earlier vambrace.

This is the leather vambrace that is inteded for comfort under the armour. It was originally made to match a pair of newrock boots that I had. Also, another interesting fact, it is made from the very same leather used in making the leather interiors of Morgan motor cars. I live not too far from the factory and they give away bags of their offcuts. Neato! (I didn't just say that)
This is the chain vambrace. It is worn over the leather vambrace. It looks and feels AWESOME. Its made from aluminium/magnesium welding rods. The metal tends to leave a black oxide stain on your hands and skin, so the leather underneath provides another useful function - keeping that stuff off me! I made each ring by hand by wrapping the welding rods around a metal bar, then cutting it into rings. The rings are linked together and shut to create the chain mail.

These are the 3 back plates.These are also made from aluminium. You see them here in a more unrefined state, the fishcale pattern you can see still needs smoothing out.

This is the gauntlet. It's made from a leather glvoe and a whole load of aluminium plates, all hand crafted by yours truly.

And finally the whole item. The 2 plates closer to my wrist have been worked a little more.

One note to make: people dont pull funny s*** on me when I go out wearing this ;D

Comments, and questions are, as always, very welcome.

Also-also, if you are interested in some basic guides for making chain mail, let me know! Its so cheap and easy to make, a warning though - it's becomes very addictive!


  1. Damn, i wish i had at least one of those kick ass gauntlets!

    Its looks awesome, keep it up :D

  2. That all comes together nicely

  3. Amazing the things people create! check us out sometime!

  4. That looks like it could take a nice blow from a broad sword and be like, what up bitch?!

  5. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  6. nice pics!

  7. That's some MAD craftmanship there, brother. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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