Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Moderator applications

New server means new influx of players, this means we need moderators.

To apply, please leave a comment with the following details:

In-game Name
Brief Intro

Good luck to you all and we hope you enjoy playing on our server :)


  1. Nationalized
    United States
    I'm on around 2-3 hours per day...I know most commands,just a few i'm "iffy" on.I'm respectful and have had staff power before on many servers.I'm a very mature and polite person.

  2. In-game Name XgNoMeX
    Age 13 1/2
    Country United Kingdom
    Brief Intro I am helpful, kind, caring and mature. I know all Moderator commands nearly all OP commands and most World Edit Commands. I do not mess around only SOME times I never abuse commands and only bring out the Ban Hammer []==== If needed.
    I have been Co-Owner Twice, Moderator quite a few times. I play around 3-7 Hours a day. I will respect ALL staff and members.

  3. IGN:kaizhe
    Brief Intro: ...........don't just look at my age......i have a lot of experience being a mod.....especially on my friends servers...I WANT TO BE MOD.....i play .....on weekends a lot i like to joke too....so don't take me too seriously...oh and please make me mod i had a lot of trouble finfing the ' 's

  4. Name: Slater899
    Country: USA
    Intro: Have played on the server for quite sometime. I am very trust worthy, this is proved if you ask the people on the server who know me. I simply wish to be a mod so that i can help in keeping this server clean and hacker/rule breaker free.

  5. KAIZEN THE SERVER'S CLOSING DOWN I CAN DONATE $30 but u have to give it to me thats what my dad says
    my ign is kaizhe


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