Saturday, 18 August 2012

Factions commands

Hey, what do you all think of the new colours? I thought Pink would suit the server name more ;)

Ok, important boring stuff, boring, but useful.

Since our server is primarily a PvP factions server, we urge all new players to join a faction as soon as they can after they start playing.

Factions have power levels, and these power levels allow factions to claim land, and protect it from other factions.

We also advise that you set up a faction home at least 300 blocks from the spawn. The reason for this is griefing is a part of inter-faction war, and as such, having a defenseless home within 300 blocks will guarantee that it will be destroyed in a matter of hours.

Warnings now out of the way, here are the commands that can set you up.

To create a new faction type the following command into chat:

/f create <NAME>

Replace <NAME> with your desired faction name. Please do not choose an offensive name, we will disband these :/

To set a faction description:


To claim land:

/f claim

MAKE SURE YOU BUILD WITHIN CLAIMED LAND. If you do not, other players can break that one unprotected wall and gain entry to your home. If you are having trouble finding which land is yours, ask either kaizen_star (me) or joshb180 for help.

Once your faction is set up and you have a home built on claimed land, then next thing you want to do is set your faction home there. This lets you and your faction members teleport back there.

/f sethome

To teleport home:

/f home

 Those are the most important parts for now, if you need any more help, or you would like any more commands explained here, leave a comment in the box below, or message me ingame. ;) Minecraft Server MultiCraft


  1. Some more commands or a wiki where they're listed would be cool :)

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    or wepons
    but need op also cow n stuff is cool


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