Sunday, 19 August 2012

Moderator applications

Pink Chicken minecraft is expanding!!

"But Kai, what does this mean to me?"

I'm glad you asked. Our expansion to new servers means we need more moderators.

Now many of you have been asking about becoming one, and so, here it is.

Just leave a comment with your ingame name, age, country and why you think you should be a mod and we'll be choosing from the best of you.

We will be reviewing all applications and will announce our decision(s) during the following week.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy playing on our servers. Minecraft Server MultiCraft


  1. IGN: ajisg00d
    Age: 12
    Country: U.S.A
    I think you should choose me because I have been a mod, co-owner and a admin manys times in my time playing minecraft I have also had lots of experience building and a lot of other things! (Like advertising) I really do hope you pick me! :D
    ~Andrew (ajisg00d)

  2. I think you should choose consider me (Groundog), I've had experience moderating and running forums before so i'm used to dealing with spam and such.

    Also as you're aware i've been pretty active on the server (you even have a picture of my house on the blog! wooh!) as well as being active over night when you're asleep being in the southern hemisphere! :)

    - Groundog

  3. AGE:10
    i would like to be moderator becuz i like to build so please accept me......!!!

  4. AGE: 13
    COUNTRY: United States
    IGN: wsdee
    I think you should choose me becuase of Im a nice, freindly takative guy Who Wont be a happy camper it theres any unnacceptable behavior and Stuffs


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